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Frequently Asked Questions.
1. What do I need to have ready when I call support?

Answer: You will need to be in front of the computer that has VersaCheck installed on it. Have the exact wording of the error or be on the screen that has the error. Be prepared to give your serial number when asked if using a full version of the product. If you have not registered your serial number please do so before calling by opening VersaCheck, clicking on the Help option - and selecting the register software option. This allows to record issues you are having with the product and identify trends that can be improved upon if there is a problem with the software/harware.

2. The VersaCheck printer is selected and a mapping error is received each time a check is printed from QuickBooks, Quicken, or Money.

Answer: Click on the link below:

3. The VersaCheck printer is not available from the drop down menu in QuickBooks, Quicken, or Money.

Answer: Click on link below:

Once the VersaCheck printer is installed you will need to ensure the setup is correct, click on the link below:

4. How do I print Check drafts?

Answer: This feature is not available in Silver, Presto or VersaCheck for Quickbooks. Please click on the link below for directions:

5. I get Unable to acquire context/Object already exists when opening VersaCheck.

Answer: Click on the link below for step by step directions:

5a I get "Unable to acquire context. Error 106"

Answer: Click on the link below

6. When I enter my validation code the program tells me the code already exists.

Answer: This indicates that the validation code you are entering is already entered and validated on this computer. You can simply close all windows when installing or if printing select cancel and continue printing.

7. When I try to validate the software I receive an error "License Volume Exceeded".

Answer: This error occurs when the serial number you used to install the program was already activated. You will need to deactivate the software on your own or by submitting the serial number for reset.

Click on the link below if you wish to submit the serial number and validation code for reset (follow the first 3 steps on the page). Wait for the email stating that the serial number has been reset then you may activate the product over the internet.

If you wish to reset the serial number on your own (you cannot reset validation codes those must be submitted for reset) click on the link below.

8. How do I unistall VersaCheck 2008, 2010 or 2012 without getting any errors on the reinstall?

Answer: Click on the link below for step by step instructions.

9. The symbols in the bank code line are missing or coming up as keyboard characters.

Answer: Click on the link below for step by step instructions.

10. When using QuickBooks online and selecting the VersaCheck printer I receive a mapping error.

Answer: Click on the link below for step by step instructions.

11. I installed a new version of VersaCheck on a new computer or reinstalled VersaCheck on a seperate computer and I want to use the same data. How do I move the data from the old computer to the new computer?

Answer: Click on the link below for step by step instructions.

12. You are receiving "XML document must have a top level element"

Answer: Click on the link below
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