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Refilling Tips

  1. CAUTION: INK IS PERMANENT. Remove the inkjet cartridge from the printer before beginning the refill process. Work over a paper towel or absorbent material so that it will catch any ink that drips or spills during the refill process.
  2. Become familiar with the refill kit system contents before refilling. Click Here To See Contents.
  3. Handle cartridges gently and avoid touching any metallic parts located on the cartridge. Oil from your fingers may interrupt contact with printer or damage the print head.
  4. Replace the cap, on the ink refill bottle, to store the remaining ink for future use after each filling.
  5. Sealed filling holes must be air tight in order to avoid ink leaking out of the cartridge. DO NOT install a leaking cartridge into any printer, this may result in harming the printer.
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