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Refill Kit Contents

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1. Gloves - provided for the filler to protect hands against any ink spillage. NOTE: Ink is permanent.

2. Needle - the needle is used in many instances. It requires the gasket (content # 7) be placed on either the syringe or ink refill bottle.

3. Seal Stickers - provided to seal either an exit hole or newly formed fill hole when required.

4. Ink Refill Bottle - contains 40ml of MICR/magnetic black ink. Can be used by itself or as a container to have ink drawn out of with the syringe.

5. Cone - this rubber cone is used to seal the fill hole on certain cartridges.

6. Plugs - these rubber plugs are used to re-seal fill holes on certain cartridges.

7. Gasket - is used in conjunction with the needle. The gasket will need to be placed on the nozzle end of the ink refill bottle or syringe before the needle is placed on. This ensures a snug fit without leaking.

8. Hand Drill - a small drill that is needed to create fill holes or enlarge fill holes on cartridges.

9. Syringe - has a suction cup attached for extracting air from filled cartridges. Can also be used as a filling device when the suction cup is removed and the needle and gasket are attached to the nozzle.

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