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1.  What is the shelf life of an opened bottle of replacement VersaInk?

Unless being used, ink refill bottle containing VersaInk should always be covered (rubber cap should be kept on the nozzle). Properly capped VersaInk refill bottle is good for two years.

2.  The printer still reads, “ink low” when the cartridge is refilled. What should I do?

Cartridges with metallic printhead may be cleaned with distilled water and a soft lint-free cloth. Otherwise remove the ink cartridge and reinsert in cartridge housing unit. (Also refer to “Resetting Ink Level”).

3.  The printer won’t print even after following all the instructions. What should I do?

Clean cartridges with metallic printhead with distilled water and a soft lint-free cloth and /or clean the cartridge housing metal contacts. Then perform a print/nozzle cleaning according to the printer instruction manual.

4.  The cartridge is refilled and sealed, but now it is leaking. What do I do?

Cartridge may be overfilled or filling hole is not completely sealed. Re-seal the fill hole and place printhead on folded layers of paper towel to allow excess ink to be absorbed. Check after 1-3 minutes.

5.  Will VersaInk damage my printer?

VersaInk is uniquely formulated with revolutionized Nano-Technology and would not damage your printer or print cartridge.

6.  If my printer model number does not appear on your list of compatibility, can I still use the VersaInk Universal Refill System?

Unlisted printers may still use ink cartridges that are similar or the same body type as other printers. To determine if your cartridge is refillable with this system, compare cartridge number and/or body type with listed printers and cartridges.

7.  Can I store my inkjet cartridge?

To store cartridges that contain print heads, dab the cartridge head with water dampened tissue until clean.

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