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Trouble Shooting

  • Air in the sponge will make the cartridge print intermittently. To correct this problem, allow cartridge to sit for several hours in a plastic dish or shallow bowl so that ink may fall to bottom of the cartridge.
  • While the cartridge is in the printer you can gently tap on the top of the cartridge. This will allow air bubbles to rise.
  • Print primer pages as described in the 'General Information' section.

The fill hole is not large enough for air to escape from the cartridge. When injecting ink into the cartridge air must leave the cartridge. The fill hole has to be wider than the needle and the speed as to which you inject ink must allow for air to escape.


Some HP printers' memory can identify the last two cartridges that have been used by the printer, such that it will not recognize a refilled cartridge as being full. To override this message, use two other cartridges (new or used) to insert and remove from the printer. This will allow for the refilled cartridge to be the third unit and will not be in the memory of the printer any longer.

  1. Open the cover of the printer.
  2. Insert one of the new/used cartridges (not the refilled one).
  3. Close the lid and allow the printer to cycle through as normal.
  4. Once the cycle is complete and the printer has stopped, open the cover and remove the cartridge.
  5. Repeat steps.
  6. After the second new/used cartridge has been removed, insert the refilled cartridge.
  7. The printer will show the refilled cartridge as full.

If you don't have two new/used cartridges, reset the printer's memory as follows:

  1. Turn on printer, lift the printer cover and remove both of the cartridges.
  2. Place the cartridges so that the metal contacts are visible.
  3. Place a strip of adhesive tape on the four upper contact points located on the far left contact column of the cartridge.
  4. Re-insert the cartridge and close cover.
  5. Allow the printer to run through its new cartridge cycle. Once the cycle has stopped open the cover.
  6. Remove cartridge from printer.
  7. Remove adhesive tape. Now cover the four upper contacts on the far right column of cartridge.
  8. Repeat steps 4 through 7.
  9. Remove adhesive tape and clean contact points if necessary.
  10. Re-insert cartridge and close cover.
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