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Ink Jet Glossary
Ink Bladder
Some cartridges have a clear to silver colored storage bag/bladder inside the cartridge body. Always be careful not to puncture the bladder during the refill process.
Metal Contacts
These are the metallic circuitry parts of a printhead on some ink cartridges.
Exit Hole
Cartridges that do not have built-in printhead have exit holes. Ink is released from these holes and transferred to the printhead on the ink cartridge housing.
The metallic part of the inkjet cartridge, containing the circuitry and nozzles, which disperses the ink during printing.
Vent Hole
The vent hole aerates the cartridge and also serves as an ink fill inlet.
Vent Plug
There are two types included in this package – a long cone shaped one and two shorter plugs. They are used to re-seal the cartridge after ink filling.
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