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VersaInk Invisible Ink - UV Fluorescent

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Invisible UV Light Fluorescent Ink

New! Add enhanced document protection & authentication with Stealth™ iX UV Invisible Ink for inkjet printers. Add invisible text or logos to any document (including checks) with your inkjet printer & then verify them with any UV Display Light

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Individuals and businesses are finding more uses for invisible ink. Most commonly invisible ink is a great way to protect and authenticate documents, plus it can be used on anything that can pass through an inkjet printer such as checks, tags, labels, ID cards, tickets and more. Completely safe and non-toxic this Ultra-Violet ink becomes fluorescent under a UV light like the ScanBrite™.
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UV Ink becomes visible under UV Light!
Invisible ink has a variety of important uses:
  • Theft protection
  • Anti-counterfeiting and security
  • Proves origination and ownership
  • Prevents fraud
  • Alleviates false returns of goods
  • Production control on documents or labels for batch I.D.s and quality assurance

New! Add enhanced document protection and authentication with VersaInk UV Invisible Ink for inkjet printers. Add invisible text or logos to any document (including checks).     Learn More
Use invisible ink as a way to track documents, authenticate pricing, for production or batch control, ticket re-admission and identification verification and more.
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