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VersaCheck X1 Accounting & Checks gT
VersaCheck X1 Accounting & Checks gT
User License : 1 User
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VersaCheck® Accounting & Checks X1 gT allows you to create and print custom checks, manage all your finances, and process incoming and outgoing payments.

NEW!  VersaCheck Pay payment processing for PC and Mobile Devices
Create & Print DNA Secure™ Checks - Business & Personal
Protect Your Accounts & Receive Activity Alerts
Complete Accounting and check creation solution with built-in broadband payment processing options
Manage Income, Expenses, Bank Accounts
Manage Inventory, Customers & Vendors
Customize Checks, Invoices & Estimates
Generate Purchase Orders
Create and Print Custom Checks using blank check paper
Export transaction data in .CSV format to create custom reports in Excel, Access, Word & more
Run Payroll (service fee applies)
Total Payment Processing Center:
        ♦ Custom checks and drafts
        ♦ Free internet check sending & receiving
Compatible with Inkjet and Laser Printers

VersaCheck™ X1 Accounting & Checks gT Software
150 Blank Checks and Deposit Slips
Note: Download orders do not include check paper.

Introducing VersaCheck X1! A new ultra-secure platform for creation and delivery of highly secure and safeguarded paper checks. This new solution offers counterfeit prevention, financial account protection, real-time deposit alerts and avoidance of credit card finance charges.

Easy to learn and use, VersaCheck X1 Accounting & Checks is made for non-accountants. You can manage a budget, improve cash flow, bill customers, receive payments and reconcile all your accounts in one place. Easily run year-end reports for your tax professional. You can even process credit card transactions and run payroll. Best of all, VersaCheck X1 Accounting & Checks pays for itself by letting you create & print (or email) your own estimates, invoices, purchase orders and checks! Experience dramatic savings by NOT using costly preprinted checks - you can often save more than $50 for every 250 checks you print. Get started today!
 Process payments with ePay Terminal™!
The new payment processing solution for merchants!

ePay Terminal™ is the new VersaCheck feature that allows merchants to accept gCard debit payments from anywhere. Just like a credit card terminal, merchants can simply enter their customers gCard information and process payments, but without any of the credit card fees. The ePay Terminal™ solution saves merchants over 90% on payment processing!

• Accept gCard debit payments from anywhere
• Use your mobile device to accept payments on-the-go
• Save over 90% on payment processing vs. credit cards
• No transaction fees!
ePay Terminal
 Create DNA SECURE Checks!
DNA Secure Check

With its new line, is implementing the highest government mandated standards to protect consumers and merchants. After a simple and non-invasive online validation process, taking only minutes, you will be enabled to print DNA Secure and online verifiable Checks. DNA Secure checks use complex personalization of the check's security background as a means to uniquely individualize each check with eye-catching security patterns. The system can alert you of unauthorized checking account activity and allows merchants to verify a checks' authenticity. This combined with the new personalized digital print patterns delivers the ultimate in security to personal and commercial check-based transactions.

Exclusive DNA Features
 Manage and grow your business!
Manage all of your finances with ease! Easy-to-use powerful program features enable you to be in charge of your business and personal finances. In minutes you can view your net worth, upcoming payables and receivables.
• Find information you need quickly
• Track payees, vendors,
   customers & contacts
• Manage inventory and create a
   database of products & services
• Transactions are kept up-to-date
   - no guesswork!
• Track tax liabilities
• Spend less time record keeping
   - more time selling!
 Print Checks Using ANY PAPER™!
Select 'Any Paper' in your VersaCheck to use regular multipurpose* paper and save over 90% vs. pre-printed check paper! Any Paper is ideal for printing custom check patterns, background graphics and colors. This selection also lets you print the backside endorsement section and security text.
Turn blank white paper into bank compliant checks!
*24lb multipurpose inkjet paper or micro-perforated VersaCheck´┐Ż Canvas paper recommended.
ANY PAPER™ Validation code included Free with purchase. Additional validation codes are available for replenishment in VersaCheck refill packages, 4X ECO color cartridge packages, and also here.
 Built in Positive Pay support to safeguard account fraud
VersaCheck allows you to associate your Checking Account number(s) with individual transactions when creating reports. If your bank offers a Positive Pay security service they will typically ask for this data. The bank service is designed to reduce check fraud by matching the check numbers and dollars amounts of checks presented for payment to the bank to your approved check transaction report. Checks not on your report indicate possible fraud and are thus returned unpaid and/or forwarded to you for review before final payment or rejections. Check with your bank for their requirements to participate.
Positive Pay
 Pay Bills
VersaCheck's point-and-click interface makes creating custom checks a snap! Just follow the on-screen instructions, type in your custom information, place your graphics, and print. It's really that simple!
Quickly fill out checks on-screen
  • • Set-up unlimited bank accounts
      & checkbooks
  • • Schedule bill reminders
  • • Fill out checks on-screen
  • • Categorize and track spending
  • • Manage tax liabilities
  • • Send payments electronically
      or via the Post Office
Create Custom Reports
  • • Export transaction data using VersaCheck?s .CSV output tool
  • • Import .CSV data into Excel, Access, Word & others to create custom reports
Run Payroll
  • • Run payroll in minutes
  • • Create checks, direct deposits, 1099's & W-2's
  • • Easy Tax payments and filings
  • (Monthly fee applies)
Get Paid
  • • Accurately track receivables
  • • Synchronize financial data & records
  • • Easily track & reconcile all your receivables
  • • Schedule & run automatic billing cycles
  • • Integrated credit card processing capability
Get Paid Instantly!
Obtain your customer's bank details via the Internet, phone or fax to create a check draft for immediate deposit. Automatically collect recurring payments or service fees! VersaCheck supports a credit card terminal which accepts all major credit cards after online activation.
Run Reports
  • • Balance Sheet
  • • Cash Flow
  • • Net Worth
  • • Invoice Aging
  • • Year-end for your tax advisor
Create and print your own custom business and personal checks
Create and print your own custom checks in just minutes with your Windows PC and laser or inkjet printer! Create checks that express your individual style whenever you like. You are no longer limited to the style the bank offers you. Save 50 - 80% vs. preprinted check costs!

VersaCheck automatically prints all the elements necessary for your checks to be accepted by any bank in the U.S. or Canada, including your bank's stylized code number (which includes your account number) on the bottom of the check.
Print custom checks on blank security paper
 Create custom forms!

Create custom invoices and estimates. Use simple menu selections and buttons to add addresses, logos, postal barcodes, item-descriptions, tax, prices. Convert estimates to invoices and receive payment from you customers with a mouse click.
Instantly send invoices and receive payments online. Easily add Quick-Collect™ links into your invoices and send them via email to your customers. Instantly verify shipping and billing addresses!
 Convenient Address Book and Contact Manager
Includes payee database so you don't have to retype payee information for recurring bills and payments. Keep complete contact information and important notes at your fingertips.
 Works with Quicken, QuickBooks & Money file data
Import transaction files with popular software and accounting programs.
System Requirements:
  • Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP (SP2), Server 2008, Server 2003
  • Pentium II 266 (Pentium II 300+ recommended)
  • 120 MB hard disk space
  • Min 128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
  • CD-ROM (for software installation)
  • Laser or inkjet printer supported by Windows
  • VersaToner/VersaInk MICR black cartridges recommended
  • VersaCheck Paper Refills for DNA Compliant check printing
  • Verification of financial account authority
  • Internet access required for online features and account validation

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