Save 30% on paper
Invisible Image Generator for Inkjets
Instantly create invisible color print output on documents, packaging, pictures and graphics!
Authenticate and protect documents, checks, currency, packaging and products from counterfeiting and fraud
Impress and inspire with vividly self-illuminating color images which appear spontaneously once excited with UV/black light.
Works with any Stealth Enabled Printer using x-nano i-series Invisible White, Red, Green and Blue Ink

Also compatible with:
Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP

TransChrome™ software easily integrates with your printer driver and allows you to convert any visible color image, created with your camera or standard application software, into invisible UV fluorescent inkjet output. Simply send your print jobs to your invisible ink enhanced standard inkjet printer* or "All-in-One" printer (e.g. "Stealth-Enabled") and let TransChrome™ intercept and manage the printing of an invisible replica of the visible color image.

Provide Unprecedented Security Options

Use TransChrome&trade to convert pictures, unique color artwork, security marks, signatures, patterns and encrypted codes into invisible output to help you authenticate documents and brand protect products from falsication and counterfeiting.

Add invisible full color security on packaging, documents, products and more using TransChrome&trade and any Stealth Enabled* inkjet platform. Use the copy/scan functions of your Stealth Enabled* All-In-One Inkjet to create Invisible Watermarks, Logos/Letter Heads, Serial Codes and background images on any existing document.

Create Stunning Visual Effects

Integrate x-nano invisible i-series UV fluorescent inks into documents, walls, windows, signs, clothing, tissue and other surfaces with the unexpected appearance of color images when excited by UV light.


TransChrome™ Invisible Color Image Generator Software
TransChrome System Requirements:
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