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VersaCheck X1 2020 for QuickBooks

VersaCheck X1 2020 for QuickBooks
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VersaCheck™ X1 2020 for QuickBooks allows you to create and print custom checks, print directly from QuickBooks and manage all your finances, and process incoming and outgoing payments.

VersaCheck Pay payment processing for PC and Mobile Devices
Create & Print DNA Secure™ Checks - Business & Personal
NEW! INKcrypt® Counterfeit-Proof Safeguards
UV Invisible Ink Tag Security
Protect Your Accounts & Receive Activity Alerts
Print directly from QuickBooks   How it works!
SmartPrint® QuickBooks application Integrator
TrueSign secure eSignature creator & manager
Automatic check number synchronization - No manual entries!
Use one of 30+ expert designer check templates - ready-to-go!
Check Designer Pro™ – change templates or create new ones
Creates personal checks too! (includes 20+ designer templates)
Print with Inkjet and Laser Printers

VersaCheck™ X1 2020 for QuickBooks Software
150 Blank Checks and Deposit Slips
Note: Download orders do not include check paper.

VersaCheck X1 TopSecure Series is an ultra-secure platform for creation and delivery of highly secure
and safeguarded paper checks. This solution offers counterfeit prevention, financial account protection,
real-time deposit alerts and avoidance of credit card finance charges.

Create DNA SECURE Checks!
DNA Secure Check

With its new line, is implementing the highest government mandated standards to protect consumers and merchants. After a simple and non-invasive online validation process, taking only minutes, you will be enabled to print DNA Secure and online verifiable Checks. DNA Secure checks use complex personalization of the check's security background as a means to uniquely individualize each check with eye-catching security patterns. The system can alert you of unauthorized checking account activity and allows merchants to verify a checks' authenticity. This combined with the new personalized digital print patterns delivers the ultimate in security to personal and commercial check-based transactions.

Exclusive DNA Features

NEW INKcrypt® Counterfeit-Proof Safeguards
INKcrypt® Security Band:
Printed with invisible UV fluorescent INKcrypt® ink unique to this package.
To Activate & Authenticate
INKcrypt® security Feature:
Scan QR code with mobile-device or
enter code manually at
INKcrypt® Security Icon and
INKcrypt® Item Code (IIC):
Required to authenticate printed information on check.
Revolutionary INKcrypt® technology was developed to eliminate growing worldwide losses from counterfeiting and fraud. The system utilizes unique INKcrypt® biological ink markers that give their own personalized, exclusive DNA-identity. This unique identity can be tested on-the-spot using a Qtouch Authentication Kit, a one-time-use test we have developed to allow instant item authentication by anyone, anywhere!

The INKcrypt® Security Band printed with INKcrypt® ink is unique to all VersaCheck Top Secure check paper packages. This enables instant authentication of your checks using a Qtouch Authentication Kit.

INKcrypt® Secure check samples are included in 2020 software boxes.

Activate the INKcrypt® Security Feature by scanning the QR code with a mobile device or entering the code manually at Authorize your printed checks using a Qtouch Authentication Kit.

Order Qtouch Authentication Kits at VersaCheck INKcrypt® Top Secure check refills are available here.

UV Secure™ Tag Feature

UV Secure™ Tag

UV invisible icon and text fluoresce with exposure to UV black light. Software is backwards compatible with previous VersaCheck® versions and paper styles. VersaCheck® - UV Secure Check Refills are the perfect high-security blank check paper designed specifically for use with all VersaCheck® software products to print custom checks that comply 100% with ANSI X9 banking standards. Security features include UV invisible security marks, erasure protection, micro print lines, security screens, and artificial watermarks. UV invisible security marks can be easily viewed with UV blacklights.

The new payment processing solution for merchants!

ePay Terminal™ is the new VersaCheck feature that allows merchants to accept gCard debit payments from anywhere. Just like a credit card terminal, merchants can simply enter their customers gCard information and process payments, but without any of the credit card fees. The ePay Terminal™ solution saves merchants over 90% on payment processing!

• Accept gCard debit payments from anywhere
• Use your mobile device to accept payments on-the-go
• Save over 90% on payment processing vs. credit cards
• No transaction fees!
ePay Terminal

Quick and Easy Set Up!
In just minutes, set up unlimited bank accounts and save payee information in your address book.
Never retype data!
Quick and easy set up!

SmartPrint™ QuickBooks Application Integrator
Print standard, voucher and wallet sized checks in a single print pass directly from QuickBooks.

1. Simply choose 'VersaCheck Printer' from your 'Printer Name' list when printing checks from QuickBooks, Quicken or Money
Print directly from QuickBooks

2. VersaCheck then adds all your bank account information including routing number and check number
Print directly from QuickBooks

3. After choosing a physical printer a perfect check is printed using inexpensive blank security check paper!
Print directly from QuickBooks

TrueSign eSignature Creator and Manager
TrueSign™ creates your encrypted digital signature image and protects them with a password. You can also scan your signature or sign by hand.

Check Designer PRO with over 300 hand-crafted images
Simple point and click design interface
Unlimited check design capabilities! Fully customize existing templates or create check templates from scratch! Add and edit logos, shapes, lines, text (font styles and sizes) and tables. Preview checks on screen while designing.

Create and print your own custom business and personal checks
With VersaCheck for QuickBooks, you can create and print your own custom checks in just minutes with your Windows PC and laser or inkjet printer! Create checks that express your individual style whenever you like. You are no longer limited to the style the bank offers you. Save $50 or more* with each 250 sheet pack of checks! VersaCheck for QuickBooks automatically prints all the elements necessary for your checks to be accepted by any bank in the U.S. or Canada, including your bank's stylized code number (which includes your account number) on the bottom of the check.
Print custom checks on blank security paper

User Friendly
VersaCheck's point-and-click interface makes creating custom checks a snap! Just follow the on-screen instructions, type in your custom information, place your graphics, and print. It's really that simple!
Quickly fill out checks on-screen

Manage your finances!
Manage all of your finances with ease!
Easy-to-use and powerful program features enable you to be in charge of your finances. In minutes you can view your net worth, upcoming payables and receivables.

Seamlessly works with Quicken, and Money too!
Easily exchange transaction files with popular accounting programs Quicken or Microsoft Money®. Print your checks in one-pass, in one batch, on blank security paper. Or send your checks instantly and inexpensively via the Internet. Synchronize your financial data and bank account information.

Convenient address book and contact manager
Includes payee database so you don't have to retype payee information for recurring bills and payments. Keep complete contact information and important notes at your fingertips.

*per competitor pricing of 250 pre-printed voucher checks, 1-up, as of 04/2012.
System Requirements:
  • Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP (SP2), Server 2008, Server 2003
  • Pentium II 266 (Pentium II 300+ recommended)
  • 120 MB hard disk space
  • Min 128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
  • Laser or inkjet printer supported by Windows
  • VersaToner/VersaInk MICR black cartridges recommended
  • VersaCheck Paper Refills for DNA Compliant check printing
  • Verification of financial account authority
  • Internet access required for software download, online features and account validation

Although all of our VersaCheck software products are packed with features, we design our programs with ease of use and flexibility in mind. Different users have different needs, and we have designed our software packages to reflect that. Because we also realize that the needs of each customer may change, we've made upgrading easier than ever! Below is a comparison chart demonstrating which features are available in each of our VersaCheck software editions.
 Which VersaCheck® is right for you?
#1 FINANCE & Check Creation Software!
Certified for Windows® 10 & all current Microsoft operating systems
Supports up to 3 users (VersaCheck X9 only)
Supports up to 5 users (VersaCheck X9 only)
Supports up to 20 users (VersaCheck X9 only)
Supports up to 100 users (VersaCheck X9 only)
Easy account setup – unlimited checking accounts
Balance checkbook quickly & easily
Track all spending, savings & expense activity
Create a budget & manage transactions accurately
Schedule payments
Monitor net worth
Supports VersaCheck UV secure and standard blank check paper
Create DNA Secure personal checks (including 20+ designer templates)
Print with blank white paper using the AnyPaper feature
Checkbook creation
Custom message option – "Void after 90 days" and more
Print with inkjet & laser printers
VersaCheck QuickPass™ - Single-pass check printing from QuickBooks®,
    Quicken®, Money, MS Office, & MS Office Accounting Pro
Add personal INKcrypt® Ink security tag and item code
  for 100% Counterfeit – Proof Checks
Create business checks (includes 30+ designer templates)
Check Designer Pro™ – Control all design elements on your checks
Bank address/routing number auto-verification & correction
Send / Receive DNA Secure Checks & Drafts ONLINE1,2
High volume transaction import & batch runs
VersaCheck EZ-Scan™ – instantly sets up accounts without typing
SmartMerge™ Check Mapping Editor
Customize & Integrate with almost any accounting program
TrueSign™ – Secure eSignature Creator & Manager
Data encryption & bank account password protection
Contact Manager for Vendors, Customers, etc.
Print reports, graphs & pie charts
Payroll ready for QuickBooks® & more from paychecks to W2s 2
QIF/XML/CSV Import/Export
Monitor receivables
Generate custom invoices, estimates & statements
Design & print custom business cards, badges & labels
Create master list of products & services
Client Manager Tool – Manage client/server check printing
Instantly receive & print DNA Secure checks sent to you via email 2
Schedule bill payments with auto-send feature (check by email)
1 DNA SECURE enabled with Account Validation
2 Service Requires Subscription
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