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B4600nMX Secure MICR Solution
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OKI Print Technology utilizes a two-piece separate Toner and Image Drum configuration for lower operating costs.

B4600nMX Secure MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) Consumables:

Your MICR Image Drum Cartridge requires replenishment every several MICR Toner Cartridge cycles - depending on print rate and coverage. Both VersaToner™ consumables are MICR primed by VersaCheck® and mandatory for printing Bank compliant checks. Mixing "standard" (non-MICR) or any alternate consumables will damage your printer, invalidate your printer warranty and cause check rejection by your financial institution. Please always ensure to reorder genuine VersaToner™ MICR consumables.
See MICR Requirements

For Best Print Performance: Additonal Trouble Shooting Topics from the Official OKI User's Manual: Get Adobe Reader
a) Printer Components Pages 10-12
b) Installing the Printer Pages 13-17
c) Installing the Paper Pages 16-17
d) Installing the MICR Image Drum Pages 14-15
e) Installing the MICR Toner Cartridge Pages 15-16
f) Installing the 2nd Paper Tray - manual tray must remain open when the feeder unit is installed Pages 18-23
g) Using the Operator Panels Pages 24-32
h) Using the Printer Menu Pages 31-48
a) When to replace the MICR Toner Cartridge Pages 89-90
b) When to replace the MICR Image Drum Pages 90-91
c) How to replace the MICR Image Drum Pages 14-15
d) How to replace the MICR Toner Cartridge Pages 15-16
e) Cleaning the LED Array - every time consumables are replaced Pages 92-93
f) How to perform Drum Count Reset under the Maintenance Menu Page 44
g) How to disable 'Toner Save' function under Print Menu. Page 34
a) Generating a Cleaning Page Pages 91-92
b) Cleaning the LED Array - every time consumables are replaced Pages 92-93
c) Troubleshooting & Resolving Print Performance Symptoms Pages 96-99
d) How to set & increase the print darkness in Maintenance Menu Page 45
a) Paper/Input/Feed Jams Pages 94-96
b) Paper recommendations Pages 66-67

Most issues are easily rectified on site without the need to contact tech support. Please check the list below for the symptoms you encounter and follow the given solutions:

Symptom Problem Solution
Blank sheets printed. Image drum cartridge not properly installed. Reinstall image drum cartridge.
Empty or missing toner cartridge. Install new toner cartridge.
Entire page prints faintly. Empty toner cartridge. Pages get fainter when toner is used up. Install new toner cartridge.
LED array is dirty. Clean LED array.
Page has grey background. Static electricity, generally from dry environments, causes toner to stick to background. Change paper to a smoother laser bond or use a humidifier.
Page prints all black. Hardware problem. Contact service.
Page has repetitive marks. Damaged image drum cartridge causes repetitive marks every 1.6 inches (4.06 cm) due to surface nicks and scratches. Generate a cleaning page, repetitive marks may be temporary.
Oblong area of faint print appears on each page. Drop out caused by using paper exposed to high humidity. Change paper stocks, check paper storage environment or use a dehumidifier; check toner level.
Vertical white streaking or faint areas on page. Toner is low and does not distribute properly, or the drum is worn out. Replace toner cartridge. Check drum and replace the drum, if necessary. Contact service.
LED array is dirty. Clean LED array.
Vertical black lines. Hardware problem. Contact service.
Fuzzy print. LED array is dirty. Clean LED array.
Distorted print. Paper path, lamp assembly, or fusing unit problem. Generate cleaning page. Contact service.
Faded print. Toner cartridge is not correctly installed. Toner low. Install toner cartridge correctly.
Replace toner cartridge.
Smeared or blotched print. Dirty rollers; toner dropped inside printer or image drum problem. Replace image drum and toner. Contact service.
Printed page is light/blurred. Is toner low? Replace toner cartridge.
Is paper meant for laser printers? Use recommended paper.
LED array is dirty. Clean LED array.
Bold characters and dark lines are smeared. Toner is low. Install new toner cartridge.
Print is darker than usual. Darkness setting is too high. Change darkness setting.
Pages curl excessively. Printing on wrong side of paper. Turn paper over in tray. (Note arrow on paper package). Install paper print side down in tray.
Moisture in paper. Improper storage. Avoid storing paper in areas of excessive temperature and humidity. Store paper in protective wrapping.
High humidity. Recommended operating humidity: 20-80%
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