High-Yield Premium-
Texture Smooth Smoother Smoothest
Yield •• •••
Color Light Grey Grey Charcoal

Magnetic Primer & Paint

Container Size:

Makes Any Surface Hold Magnets!

  • WORKS ON: Wood, metal, masonry, drywall, and plaster.
  • ATTACH: Child artwork, magnetic letters, posters, documents, reminders and post cards using magnets!
  • CREATE: No show magnet photo displays
  • NO MORE: Tape, glue, pins, nails, or screws
  • TOP COAT: With any color latex paint or chalkboard paint (optional)
  • GREAT FOR: Kid's bedrooms, toy rooms, offices, kitchens and more!

Why Use Magnetic Paint?

Magnetic paint gives you the ability to create any size of magnetic area on a variety of surface types. Why limit the size or shape of your magnetic area? You can paint an entire wall in a child's room, toy room or office. Or just paint an area above a desk, a cabinet front, or other smaller space. The option is yours!

Home Applications

Attach child artwork, magnetic letters, pictures, posters, documents, reminders and post cards using magnets! Great for kid's bedrooms, toy rooms, offices, kitchens and more!

Educational Applications

Great for all types of learning including alphabet letters, days of week, states and countries on maps. Create learning tools with endless possibilities!

Business Applications

Great for business meetings, planning events, organizing, project management and more!

Hidden Magnetic Area

You can conceal your grey magnetic paint with up to two coats of any color latex paint or chalkboard paint.


A magnetic surface lets you freely add, remove and rearrange photos and other items in seconds.


Works best with powerful Magnetize-It magnets, applicators, labels, rolls and sheets.

Create no show magnet displays!

Objects will appear to magically float on the surface without showing the holding magnets.

Give your walls, cabinet doors, and display boards a clean and professional appearance!

Step 1

Paint your wall or desired surface using any Magnetize-It! paint and primer. You may top coat with any latex color paint or chalkboard paint, after 1 hour dry time. .

Step 2

Apply UltraSmooth Magnetize-It Premium to the back side of signs, shapes, cards, photos, art and more.

Step 3

Once dry, simply place photos and artwork directly on top of Magnetize It! powerful magnets positioned on your magnetic wall.

  • Water-based formula is low odor, easy to stir, and non-toxic.
  • Covers 40 Sq. ft.
  • Allow 1 hour dry time between coats.
  • Minimum 3 coats recommended. Magnetization strength increases with each coat.
  • Best when used between 50- 90 F (10ºC - 32ºC), humidity not to exceed 85%
  • Apply entire quart to 40 sq. ft. area. Apply corresponding amount of paint to area covered.
  • Works best on smooth, porous surfaces.
  • Color: Charcoal grey
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