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Magnetize-It! Magnetic Glue

Magnetize-It! Magnetic Glue

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Bonds Magnets to Any Surface.
Cures Without Holding!
Make Your Own Custom Magnets Home Improvement Projects

Glue Magnets to Walls, Windows and Door Frames to hold up light-weight curtain rods and curtains, photo frames, metal toys, pens, paper clips, scissors, metal spice and storage canisters, kitchen knives, screw drivers, drill bits and more. Use in the bathroom to organize and hang make up, tweezers, and metal nail clippers and files. Organize any room with endless possibilities!

Classrooms & Toy Rooms

Create a magnetic wall or magnetic chalkboard wall using Magnetize-It! Paints. Next attach magnets to small toys and objects to create a fun play wall.

DIY Magnets

Make custom refrigerator magnets using painted glass beads, metal, wood, stone tiles, smoothed rocks, photos, artificial flowers and more! Custom magnets can also be used on walls and surfaces painted with Magnetize-It! Magnetic Paints, and on magnetic memo boards.

Keep Doors, Windows and Lids in Open or Closed Position
Have a cabinet door that won't stay closed?
Glue magnets to the inside of cabinet door and to the aligned location of cabinet frame.
The magnets will connect and hold together to keep the door shut and looking tidy. Use to keep doors, windows and lids held in open or closed position.
Transform Your Space with Magnetic Art
Step 1
Glue magnets to decorative items.
Step 2
Attach items to a magnetic surface.
Step 3
Create beautiful art for tables, dressers and desk tops using magnets.
Hang Signs, Bulletins, Decorations and More Using Magnets.
Create Fun and Functional Window Space.

Glue a magnet on your window, then glue a magnet to sun catchers, signs, small containers, holiday wreaths and ornaments and attach to magnet on window! Also use magnet on window to directly suspend light-weight metal objects and decorations.

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