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Validation Codes
DNA Secure™ Check Print Authorization Codes (gPAC)

The creation and printing of validated DNA Secure™ Checks requires Validation Codes issued by Original VersaCheck printing supplies (check paper, ink and toner) include Validation Codes (on Certificates) inside packaging. To support users of non-VersaCheck branded printing supplies, Validation Codes are available for separate purchase below.

Validation codes expire one year from activation or when depleted - whichever occurs first.

Validation Codes are delivered via e-mail after checkout.

Please select the Validation Code you wish to purchase.

 Annual Validation Code for DNA Secure™ Check prints.  
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After purchasing any of these licenses, simply enter the included Validation Code(s) into the Product License Account Manager in VersaCheck. With VersaCheck open, click on Tools\Manage Product Licenses\Product License Manager and type the code into the New Validation Code field.

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