Welcome to VersaCheck 2003 Online Help
VersaCheck 2004 is a powerful financial tool that can help you manage your money, track accounts and transactions, and write, send and receive checks. VersaCheck is a multi-featured program that will help you save time and money, and will allow you to manage your finances with ease!

The VersaCheck Help files have been designed to allow you easy access to information about how to use and where to find the many powerful features included in VersaCheck.

Getting Started

  1. The first step is to install the VersaCheck program onto your computer.
  2. When you first start the program, VersaCheck will create a default file, VCheck.vdf. This is your main data file that holds all of your accounts, transactions, etc. (You may create additional .vdf files by selecting New from the File menu.)
  3. The opening VersaCheck Today screen allows you to view an overview of basic program options.
  4. You will need to setup new accounts for each account you wish to manage with VersaCheck.
  5. If you wish to use automatic transactions for things such as future payments, tracking direct deposits or automatic bill-paying, your next step will be to follow the steps for setting up Bills and Scheduled Transactions.
  6. If you will be printing or sending checks, once you have setup a bank account for your checking, you will need to setup the Checkbook for each individual checking account.

Please check here for help with some of our most Frequently Asked Questions regarding how to and troubleshooting tips